10 Cool Kitchen Appliances to Help You Cook Easier and Faster

In the kitchen, there’s always some appliances that could do tasks more effectively and efficiently.

While some of you may need them to cook or do things quicker and easier, others may just want them because they are cool.

Here are 10 cool kitchen appliances by Dash that will help you cook things easier and faster:

1. Double Up Skillet + Oven

The Double Up Skillet + Oven is a skillet and an oven combined into one. Whether you want to make breakfast in the morning or bake a pizza, you can do it all with this. Simply open it for a skillet, and close it for an oven.

Available Here.

2. Omelette Maker

The Omelette Maker is an appliance that does just that: makes omelettes. It can be pretty tedious and difficult to make omelettes in the morning so let this thing do all the work for you.

Available Here.

3. Salad Chef

The Salad Chef makes making salads a breeze. To use it, simply place whatever you want in your salad at the top and the Salad Chef will automatically slice it to your specifications.

Available Here.

4. Masha 2X

The Masha 2X helps you mash and mix food with a touch of a button. To use it, just squish the food and press the button to mix it with the rotor blades. All the hard work of mashing is no more.

Available Here.

5. Mini Maker Grill

The Mini Maker Grill makes cooking quick, healthy snacks easy. Whether it’s grilled fruit or a classic cheeseburger, it can handle it all. Just place your food on the grill,
close it and relax as your food is cooked for you.

Available Here.

6. Rapid Egg Cooker

The Rapid Egg Cooker cooks all types of eggs quickly. Whether you want hard boiled, poached, scrambled or individual omelettes for breakfast, the rapid egg cooker can do it with the push of a button. It will automatically shut off when the eggs are done.

Available Here.

7. Dual Electric Citrus Bar Juicer

The Dual Electric Citrus Bar makes it easy for you to create juices from oranges, grapefruit, lime or any other types of citrus. The appliance slices the fruit for you at the top and then has two juicers that are powered electrically. Just press down on them and let the juicing be done for you.

Available Here.

8. Rapid Peeler

The Rapid Peeler peels all types of food quickly and automatically. It can peel potatoes, apples, zucchini, mangos, kiwi, squash, grapefruit, sweet potato, oranges, lemons, onions and more! Best of all, it’s cordless.

Available Here.

9. 7-Jar Yogurt Maker

The 7-Jar Yogurt Maker is a quicker, healthier and cost-saving way to make yogurt at home. In just 8-12 hours, you can make 7 jars of homemade yogurt and customize it in whatever way you like.

Available Here.

10. Greek Fro Yo And Ice Cream Maker

The Greek Fro Yo And Ice Cream Maker lets you make delicious frozen treats right at home. If you thought making ice cream or frozen yogurt would be a difficult task, try this thing. With it, you can create the creamiest and freshest Greek frozen yogurt and even sorbets.

Available Here.


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