When we think of China, many things may come to mind. Perhaps it’s the Great Wall, or kung fu, or maybe the food. While foods vary across China, there are some consistencies and ginger is one of them. As it turns out, ginger doesn’t just add an incredibly unique flavor to food, but it’s also quite healthy for you. In fact, it’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries if not millennia.

Ginger itself contains the perfectly named ‘gingerol’, which is one of the main compounds found in the plant that has some medicinal benefits. So whether you like your ginger fresh, dried, or powdered, here are 10 reasons why you should be having more ginger in your diet and lifestyle.


#1. Ginger Helps Reduce Symptoms Of Nausea And Morning Sickness.
Depending on the severity and your own personal tolerance, a simple 1 to 2 grams of ginger can be enough to help relieve the symptoms of nausea, whether from morning sickness, sea sickness, or even chemotherapy.

#2. Ginger Can Help Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness.
Being a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger can help with post-exercise soreness and minor muscle pain. Bear it mind, it will take some time to work, so if the pain is more severe ginger may not be the best option available.

#3. Ginger Can Help Ward Off Osteoarthritis.
When the joints in your body start to weaken and deteriorate, they result in joint pain and stiffness. This is officially known as osteoarthritis and affects many people. However, those who consumed more ginger in their diets experienced less pain over time, which lessened their reliance on pain management medicines.

#4. Ginger May Help Those With Type 2 Diabetes.
While the research is new, ginger amy have a few anti-diabetic properties. Along with a healthy diet, ginger can aid in reducing blood sugar levels and other heart disease risks.

#5. Ginger Helps Your Body Digest Food.
If you suffer from chronic indigestion and all the stomach pain and discomfort that goes with it, ginger root extract or ginger tea can help improve digestion.


#6. Ginger Powder Can Help Manage Menstrual Pain.
Thanks again to its inherent anti-inflammatory properties, ginger powder can help deal with menstrual pain such as cramping. In some cases, it was perceived as being just as effective as ibuprofen.

#7. Ginger Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol.
If your doctor recently told you that you should lower your cholesterol levels, a good and simple place to start would be to introduce more ginger into your diet. Healthier living and eating goes along with this, but the ginger will help make it more enjoyable.

#8. Ginger Could Help In The Fight Against Cancer.
The main compound of ginger, gingerol, has shown promising signs of lowering cancer risk and the spread of cancer. The research is still in its infancy, but could yield impressive results in the future.

#9. Ginger Is Like Anti-Stress Relief For Your Brain.
Since ginger is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and is a natural anti-inflammatory, it is a welcome type of stress-relief for your brain. It would thank you for it if it could.

#10. Ginger Helps Fight Bacterial Infection.
Ginger extract can at the very least prevent the growth of various bacteria, including those that can cause respiratory infections.