12 Cool Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

1. GaffGun Tape Applicator: Tape Down Cables in Literal Seconds

2. CaNibble Tool: The Safe Sheet Metal Cutting Attachment

3. Walabot DIY: The Sensor That Sees Through Your Walls


4. Makinex Powered Hand Truck: Easily Lift Heavy Equipment

5. Invis Mx2 Starter Kit: Invisible Magnet-Driven Connecting Fittings

6. Hi-Lift Life-Saving Rescue Tool

7. PowerMate Stair Climbing Hand Truck


8. Gravity Hook: The Tool That Basically Turns You into Batman

9. Wingman Hitch Guide: Easily Get the Trailer Over Your Hitch Every Time

10. The Drill Till – Dig Holes, Remove Weeds and Aerate Soils While Standing Up

11. Auxx-Lift: The Perfect Garage Storage Solution

12. QuickJack – The Portable Vehicle Jack System