Do you install your roll ‘over’ or ‘under’? What has been a quiet household debate for quite some time, finally has an answer. The question about how you install your toilet paper has received directions from its patented source – the inventor!

Of course, there are many arguments for the “under” installers (tidier in appearance, harder for pets or children to unravel) and the “over” installation method (more sanitary, easier to find the end, more aesthetically pleasing), but we finally have the proper instructions on how to install our toilet paper for maximum effectiveness.

Unearthed by Huffington Post writer Owen Williams, is the original patent created when toilet paper was invented 124 years ago. Inventor Seth Wheeler patented perforated “wrapping” paper (as it was modestly called then) on a roll in 1891, after the success of his original wrapping paper and in an effort to reduce waste by having the paper on said roll, as opposed to loose.

From this diagram, we can see that the proper way to hang your toilet paper according to the man who invented it, is in fact “over”.