Since it’s patio season once again, what better way to celebrate the warmth than taking fido out for a stroll to a patio. Here are some dog friendly places that are perfect for you and your pup!

#1. Dairy Queen
Your pooch will receive a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a doggie treat on top! Ice cream is a great treat for your dog, on occasion. It contains vitamin D which helps prevent urinary problems.

#2. In & Out Burger
Get your dog a salt-free “pup-patty”, complete with it’s very own doggie bag!

#3. Johnny Rockets
They will serve your pup a cut up burger and some fresh water. A California location has also teamed up with a dog bakery to create an exclusive 20-item menu for your canine friend.
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#4. Shake Shack
Shake Shack is a chain in the Eastern United States, with a whole menu dedicated to your pup. Their signature doggie treat is the “Pooch-ini”, a vanilla custard base with ShakeBurger dog treat and peanut butter sauce. You can also buy your dog a “Bag o’Bones” – a bag filled with five different ShakeBurger dog biscuits.

#5. Starbucks
Your favourite coffee chain offers something for your favourite canine! Treat your dog to a “Puppucino”, an espresso-sized cup filled with whipped cream. Depending on your dog, this may upset their stomach, but for the dog who eats everything, this is a great treat!
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#6. Tim Horton’s
If your dog gets an upset stomach from cream, just head to your other favourite coffee chain – Tim Hortons! Timmy’s offers your pup a plain Timbit (doughnut hole) to satisfy their craving for treats!
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#7. Sonic
Even though Sonic restaurants are purely drive-throughs, they do sometimes have a stash of doggie treats for your puppy!

#8. Handel’s Ice Cream
Handel’s is a chain across the US that serves homemade ice cream. They have a few items for your pup. You can order a special soy ice cream at their Redondo Beach location, but all of them carry Dogsters treats (vet approved!) in peanut butter and mint flavours!

#9. Culver’s
Culver’s is known for the daily made custard, and have always carried Milkbones at their locations for canine visitors. At some stores, they will offer your pup a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a Milkbone on top!
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#10. Tin Shed Garden Cafe
The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, Oregon, has doggie items right on the menu! Their restaurant is pup inspired, and they even offer a special “Doggie Day” on Tuesdays where you can buy yourself dinner and your pup gets dinner on the house!
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#11. Lazy Dog Cafe
The Lazy Dog Cafe is a chain of restaurants in the western United States. They boast a dog friendly patio, completely with a dog menu. For $4.95US your pooch can enjoy brown rice with either cut up chicken or hamburger.

#12. Sprinkles
Now your dog can join in on the cupcake craze! Sprinkles, a cupcake shop based in the US, serves a sugar-free cupcake with yogurt “frosting” – a perfect treat for your pooch!

#13. Chick-fil-a
Select Chick-fil-a locations will offer your pup some milkbones! Many pet owners have pulled up to the drive-thru and found dog treats waiting with their orders.
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#14. Rock and Brews
Now you and your pup can totally rock out together over dinner! Rock and Brews, a rock-and-roll themed restaurant, has an exclusive menu just for your dog!