Cats can be a bit underrated as a pet, mainly because of their reputation for being aloof. Though they are a bit more independent, cats can be every bit as affectionate and needy as a new puppy. Having trouble deciphering if your kitty likes you? Read below to find out how to tell if your cat likes you.

#1. Massaging Or Kneading
Does your cat seem to massage your bed before they lie down? This is called kneading. Kittens will typically knead their mother’s stomach to stimulate milk production. When your kitty kneads you, it is their way equating you with their mother. This behaviour also makes kitty feel safe and loved. Occasional side effects include drooling.

#2. A Twitchy Tail
A cat’s tail can tell us many things. Cats puff up their tail to show fear or agitation, but when your cat’s tail twitches only at the tip, very fast, it means they are extremely content to be around you.

#3. Slow Blinking
Cats in general rarely make eye contact with humans, so consider yourself very special if kitty looks you in the eye. What’s even better, is receiving a slow blink from your cat. This is the equivalent of receiving a kiss or hug from your feline friend. When dogs will lick your hands and face to show affection, cats will blink slowly at you. To return the favour, simply stare and blink slowly back.

#4. Full-Body Purring
As with many feline behaviours, cats purr for many different reasons. Whether it be to calm themselves, or during a feeding ritual, purring is one of the primary cat communication methods. Full body purring is special, and it’s your kitty’s way of letting you know they love you. It’s different from a normal purr in that it rumbles their whole body, and can be quite noisy depending on your cat.

#5. Rolling And Showing Their Tummies
Cats are very cautious creatures, and it takes a lot to gain their trust. When your kitty rolls onto their back and shows you their stomach, it is a true sign that they feel safe with you. Cats will also roll around and flop on the ground to get your attention.

#6. Gifting You Toys… Or Other Things
Cats, even when domesticated, retain their hunter instincts. Do you ever notice a pile of your cats toy mice around the foot of your bed? Or perhaps some more unsavoury objects if your cats are allowed outdoors? Though occasionally gross by human terms, being left a toy mouse or a dead one is a sign of affection and friendship. Your kitty brings your these things as “food” to help with your nutrition; basically, he or she only feels you don’t get enough protein.

#7. Love Bites
Similar to slow blinking kisses, love bites are a mark of true affection. They are different from real bites, in that they don’t hurt, and your cat won’t bite down hard. It’s their way of dealing with their excitement about being with you.

#8. Napping Next To Or On You
As mentioned, cats can be quite wary of humans and other animals. If your kitty likes to nap next to you on the couch, or even on your lap, you have truly gained kitty’s trust. Cats are most vulnerable when they are asleep of course, so if your cat naps near or on you, they certainly feel safe.

#9. Marking And Head Butting (Or Bunting)
Does your kitty ever rub their face against you or other surfaces? It may seem weird, but this is one of the deepest marks of affection, because it is that – a mark! When your cat head butts you or rubs their head against you, they are depositing facial pheromone, literally “marking” you as theirs. If your kitty does this to you, it means you’re sincerely special to them.

#10. Grooming You
If your kitty licks and cleans your hair or ears, then you have made it socially with your cat. Kitty grooming you means they have accepted you into their inner circle. Being groomed by your cat is also your cat’s most obvious expression of friendship and trust.

#11. Following Your Around
Does your cat follow you from room to room? Perhaps you notice kitty’s presence when you go to the washroom or take a shower? This is just another manifestation of your kitty’s need to be near you. Take it as a good sign if your kitty follows you around the house.

#12. Scratching Your Things
Like gifting, some cat behaviours can be quite sweet on the part of the cat, but does not necessarily meet human behavioural expectations. It is the same case when kitty scratches your furniture. You would be quite upset if your friends came over and began to scratch your furniture to tell you they like this spot on your couch, but that’s what your cat is doing. When your cat scratches your furniture, they are letting you know that they love that particular thing and mark it as theirs.

#13. Meowing At You
Typically, cats do not meow at each other to communicate, rather using tail movements, hissing, and purring to interact with each other. Cats reserve meowing for humans, and usually their favourite ones at that. You wouldn’t talk to someone you didn’t like, well neither will kitty!

#14. Cat Butts
Like dogs, cats introduce themselves by sniffing each other’s posteriors. Though perhaps it seems like a backhanded compliment when kitty presents you with their rear, it’s really a handshake in the feline world.