18-Year-Old Teen Invents a Bra That Detects the Signs of Breast Cancer

18-year-old teen Julian Rios didn’t think he’d be the one to invent a bra to detect breast cancer.

But after his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, she was diagnosed too late and lost both her breasts and nearly her life. Rios knew that the current breast cancer-detecting methods were just not working as effectively and he had to do something about it.

That’s why he co-founded Higia Technologies and created EVA – the auto-exploration bra that is equipped with tactile sensors to detect breast cancer at the earliest time.

The bra has multiple sensors to map the surface of the breast and surrounding areas to monitor texture, color, temperature and even blood flow.


The bra is meant to be worn for an hour a week and the data is transferred to a computer or phone by Bluetooth.

Julian’s company Higia Technologies was recently awarded first place at the Global Student Entrepreneur’s Awards.

His company’s mission is to boost the quality of life for women and saving millions of lives that are lost due to breast cancer each year.

Watch the video below to learn more about Julian’s story and company:


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