Separated at birth. It is the stuff of legends, comedies – and occasionally real life. Yet, it is also rare. How amazing a tale then when this video shares the story of identical twins. In a tremendous tale from Columbia, Carlos and Jorge went home from hospital together and in turn, so did William and Wilber. All was going well in the respective twins’ lives – notwithstanding the occasional borrowed t-shirt or question ‘can you guys read each others thoughts?’ – but over time it became clear they were missing something: their blood brothers.

Understanding they were fraternal but not identification twins, a friend captured the moment William and Jorge met each other. The footage is a study in beautiful serendipity. Their friend is shocked, the brothers are largely lost for words – though already the cheeky quips and banter that exists among brothers is showing signs of developing. From here, the amazing tale only grows larger.
Not only were these two sets of identical twins separated at birth – but also from backgrounds which were remarkably different. While all four young men are Columbian, one family lived in Bogota – the capital city of Columbia – whereas the other family resided in the rural north of the country. This led to rapidly different experiences in their lives of the men growing up. How it all began is a story that’s very much a ‘must see’ – but let this be said as a preview: keep an eye on who you see when you’re shopping. If you see someone who looks like your twin in a grocery store – you may need come back and watch this video again.

via CNN