2 Year-Old Boy in Hospice Care Unable to Visit Santa, So Santa Comes to Him for Last Christmas

This will certainly be a memory this child’s family will carry with them forever.

Miles Agnew has microcephaly, spastic quad cerebral palsy, and cortical vision impairment, and also has intractable epilepsy, brain malformations, and a feeding intolerance.

Given his health struggles, his parents, Sean and Michelle Agnew, want to treasure every moment they can from his short life.

So when it looked like Miles wouldn’t live to see Christmas, the Secret Sleigh Project rushed a Santa over to his hospice at the last minute, giving Miles one last time on Santa’s lap.

Miles was weak during the Santa visit, but he appreciated it and loved every minute of his time with the jolly white-bearded man.

Watch the full heartwarming story in the video below!