We often take that employee helping us for granted. Yes they are being paid, but retail employees put up with a lot or grief for very little reward. Read the list below to see the everyday problems retail workers face.

#1. When a customer asks you if you work there, and you’re wearing a name tag, headset, and uniform.

“Nope I wear these for fun.”

#2. When that pile of clothing you just spent the last 25 minutes folding is demolished in seconds.

“This is the worst.”

#3. When a customer asks if that product is in stock somewhere else.

#4. Or complain about how expensive it is.

#5. After years of mystery shoppers, you’ve developed some trust issues.

“Are you the mystery shopper? Is everyone the mystery shopper?”

#6. Even though you’re low on the totem pole, you take all the flak from angry customers, but unless your title is manager, you can’t change anything.

“I understand sir/madam, let me get my manager.”

#7. When you check your watch after what feels like ages, and it’s only one hour into your shift, and you realized you entered a retail time warp where time moves twice as slow.

“I swear I’ve been here for five hours!”

#8. When you find out you’re working Christmas Eve AND Boxing Day.

“You barely survived Black Friday.”

#9. Receiving this box… in the spring.

#10. You wish you could say this when customers complain about service, and you’re already understaffed as it is.

#11. This is your daily nightmare.

One customer. One. This is why I drink. #fredmeyerlife #retailproblems #whatajerk

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#12. When you realize you go into “retail customer service mode” outside of work.

“Hi, how can I help you mom?”

#13. How you feel at 8:59pm, when one last customer strolls in.

“The cashes are CLOSED!”

#14. When customers make jokes.

#15. When customers hit on your co-workers.

#16. When an item doesn’t scan so the customer says, “It’s free!”

#17. When friends make plans during holiday season.

#18. When customers return merchandise that has clearly been worn.

#19. Or when a customer tries to intercept you as you’re going on break.

#20. There’s nothing like discovering you’ve been robbed.

This is what I don’t like about my job. #thief #shoplifter #disgusting #trash #nogood

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#21. When customers misuse the phrase “false advertising”, because you accidentally got the price wrong.

#22. Being blamed for the customer’s inability to read signage.

#23. Your reaction to any sale.

#24. It’s that time again… dreaded inventory.

#25. But nothing beats the feeling of ending your shift early and leaving your co-workers behind.