There can be many pressures and standards that a woman in her twenties has to live up to. Whether it’s the pressures of finding love and getting married or the stress of juggling university and real life, it can be a whirlwind few years. Here’s a list to inspire you to take time, relax, and enjoy your twenties.

#1. Quit Your Horrible Job
A job is just that, a job. Unless it’s your definite career choice, you can always find something better. Your job should be challenging and rewarding – not boring!

#2. Move Out And Live On Your Own
Gain independence. Move out of your parents basement and learn to maintain a home. You’ll gain appreciation for all your parents’ hard work!

#3. Keep A Pet
Nothing can teach unconditional love like having a pet dog. Or, if a dog is too much maintenance, a cat can be a great apartment pet. There’s nothing like coming home at the end of bad day to someone who is always extremely happy to see you.

#4. Learn How To Cook
Once you turn 21, microwave dinners no longer constitute real meals, at least not on a daily basis. Learning how to cook will not only save you money by preparing meals at home, but impress your family and friends.

#5. Eat Whatever! (In Moderation)
Stray from that diet! Eat that poutine or cheeseburger every now and then! You’re at the age where for now, you can get away with it (for the most part).

#6. Take Care Of Your Body And Exercise
You only have one! Take time to exercise before the doctor tells you. Even 30 minutes, three to four times a week, is a start. You’ll feel better, more energized, and ready for your thirties!

#7. Experience Your Photos Before Taking Them
It’s valuable to document our experiences with photographs, but be sure to enjoy the moment fully, not always behind a camera lens!

#8. Don’t Put Other Women Down
As Tina Fey said, calling other women names only makes it okay for men to call them names. Sisters need to stand together!

#9. Find Your Best Friend
There is nothing like that special person who completely understands you without being related. Find that special woman, or if you already have her, let her know how important she is to you.

#10. Travel!
Get wanderlust. Pack that back and go. Take a friend or not. Travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles while you can!

#11. Save Money
It’s okay to buy on impulse on occasion, but don’t go overboard! Save a little bit every month in a rainy day fund. That way you won’t be caught off-guard if you encounter a large expense, or at least you’re wallet won’t be hit so hard by that impulse buy.
#12. Invest
Invest in something. Whether you begin building up a retirement plan, or buy an asset such as a car or house, so long as you can afford to, an investment can be a savvy choice for today’s woman.
#13. Get A Makeover
You know that crop top you’ve always wanted to try? Or that pair of jeans? Try it! Now is the time to revamp your image if you feel in need of change! Go ahead and dye your hair that pastel lilac colour!
#14. Go Offline
Disconnect from all social media for a week. It can’t hurt you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll gain some insight into the world due to the lack of selfies populating your day.
#15. Reward Yourself
Earned a promotion? Successfully completed that long proposal? Reward yourself! You deserve it! It’s important to recognize your accomplishments, it builds self-confidence in your work and life. Speaking of which…
#16. Practice Confidence and Self-Love
We all have days where we feel less than sparkly. Put on your favourite outfit and strut your stuff. Always know that you are the greatest you!
#17. March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum
Don’t let society impose its beliefs on you or tell you who to be. Be independent. Be your own person.
#18. Get Insured
Since you’re an adult now, get insured! Insurance helps pay the cost of funeral expenses when you pass away. Because you’re young, if you begin to pay into an insurance policy now, think of the legacy you can leave to your family!
#19. Keep A Journal
Document your thoughts on a day to day basis. Keeping a journal not only clears your head and helps work through emotions and issues, but also allows you to revisit specific memories and feelings. Your future self will thank you.
#20. Learn A New Skill
If you’ve always wanted to take that dance class, or learn photography, or knitting, now is the time to do it! You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to the task!
#21. Spend Time With Your Parents And Family
Though they may seem annoying and invasive now, the fact is your parents won’t be around forever. Take the time to cherish the moments you have together. Arrange a weekly family dinner!
#22. Do What You Want To – Don’t Let Anyone Stop You
Don’t let someone’s opinion of you carry that much weight in your life. If you want to be an engineer and you have the chops to make it, don’t let anyone stand in your way!
#23. Speak Up Against Harassment and Injustice
Defend yourself. You don’t have to tolerate any form of harassment or violence. There are plenty of local programmes to deal with trauma related to violence and harassment.
#24. Date!
Date all types of men or women. Fall in love. Or don’t. Don’t feel bad if you take a chance on a relationship and it doesn’t work out. Everything turns out right in the end; if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t the end yet.
#25. Don’t Be Pressured
Don’t feel compelled to keep up with your Facebook friends who are all currently engaged or married with 2.6 children. Your life is just that, YOUR life. Move at your own pace!