April Fools’ was a tradition that began as far back as the middle ages. Typically friends and families play practical jokes on each other to encourage a sense of humour, happiness, and laughing. Here are some excellent pranks to have in your April Fools’ arsenal.

#1. Start the day by setting personal items or your loved ones in Jell-O.

#2. Give your co-worker a technology upgrade.

#3. Or plant them a nice lawn.

#4. Or transform that dreary office space into a bathroom.

#5. Plant some grass in your co-worker’s keyboard.

#6. Don’t forget the old “mouse prank”.

#7. Photocopying will result in Nicolas Cage.

#8. Or just wait for someone to adjust their chair.

#9. As a gesture of goodwill, you can always leave some candy in the break room.

#10. Turn another cubicle into an aquarium!

#11. Or wrap everything with newspapers.

#12. Bake a mouldy-looking sponge cake and swap the kitchen sponge with the cake sponge.

#13. Draw a spider on the toilet roll.

#14. Or put a huge “insect” inside a lamp shade and wait for them to turn the light on.

#15. Make a delicious cupcake, but with icing made from mayonnaise. YUM!

#16. Or replace all the Oreo cream-filling with toothpaste.

#17. Scare everyone at the grocery store.

#18. Create a loop of shopping carts around your friend’s car.

#19. Another classic, fill a bunch of cups with water.

#20. Or serve your friends water this way.

#21. Mentos ice bombs for your soda-drinking friends.

#22. Surprise everyone with a “sweet” treat! Pair with #15 for maximum effect.

#22. Modify the air freshener.

#24. Insert chicken bouillon in the shower head and wait outside.

#25. Be considerate and hang up your roommate’s things.

#26. This takes the cake!