38-year-old Daniel Evans is a single father of three, who at the time of his audition, was working as a pool-cleaner to pay off the bills for his family.
For four years, like any other man would, Daniel always made up an excuse to his wife on why he couldn’t audition. But when his wife tragically passes away after giving birth to their third child, Daniel decided it was time to. He realized that life is too short and to just go for it.
Daniel’s song choice was “Sometimes When We Touch” a love song released in 1977, and you can truly see how the song connects with Daniel emotionally.
Daniel received great feedback with four yes’ from the judges, including Simon. Judge Cheryl Cole even became teary from his story. “I can see why your wife wanted you to audition,” she tells him. “I think she would be very proud”

The performance is memorable, inspirational and will forever be in Daniel’s wife’s name. Be sure to check it out below!