4 Men from Il Divo Stuns Crowd with Stunning Rendition of Dolly Parton’s Classic “I Will Always Love You”

Classic songs are ones with dynamic history that will most certainly never be forgotten. One of those songs is Dolly Parton’s classic “I Will Always Love You”. While most people are familiar with the popular version from Whitney Houston, some don’t recognize that it was actually Dolly Parton that wrote the original song.

Due to it’s overwhelming popularity over the years, many talented singers have decided to put their own spin to it – including Il Divo!

This live performance done by Il Divo is one that clearly did the song justice. While many novice artists have a hard time perfecting the vocals and intricate lyrics, Il Divo conquers these challenges with ease.

These four talented men fill the entire room with their tremendous voices that leaves everyone in goosebumps.

Click the “Play” button below to get a listen at Il Divo’s beautiful rendition of “I Will Always Love You”:


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