4-Year-Old Wows Audience with Her Incredible Dance Routine to “Heaven on Earth”

Ella Dobler may be only four, but her talent far surpasses any other ordinary four year old! Despite her age, she has a talent that is able to bring home many awards and trophies – dancing!

This time, Ella’s taking stage during the Rainbow National Dance Competition to deliver the dance routine of a lifetime.

Luckily for us, mom had the camera running to share Ella’s beautiful gift with the world.

At age four, it’s incredible to see those tiny feet compete on at a national level. But, that goes to show that age does not matter for the toughest of competitions.

When the music to “Heaven on Earth” begins playing, Ella moves across the stage like a swan, mesmerizing the crowd like a professional dancer would.

Give Ella’s incredible dance routine to “Heaven on Earth” a watch in the video below:


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