When it comes to great stories of our day and age it seems that the radio retains a particular brilliance and method for telling the stories of those who have lived lives doing great things. Podcasts like This American Life are surely testament to this, just as this video’s beginning beautifully sets the stage for the story of Highway Man (real name Thomas Weller). Highway Man has traveled the highways of San Diego County for 50 years looking for people he can help.

We learn early on in this clip of a man at the scene of an accident who was unable to save a poor woman trapped inside a car. He tells his story in order to pay testament to the brilliant act of grace and kindness Highway man has so often offered his local community by just being there on the roads every day, ready to offer a helping hand whenever an urgent need might arise on California’s long winding roads. So when Highway Man got his beloved car into a spot of trouble, some in the community rallied to help him for once in this beautiful and heartwarming video.