Pets, believe it or not, have a life of their own – even when you aren’t around. Sure, it may not be as exciting as cartoons and movies try to make it seem, but they still have to do something to pass the time while you’re out.
Most nap the day away or play with their toys or…well, that’s about it. Some, however, take the time to get up to some mischief. It can be as benign as knocking over a paper basket or as destructive as…well, you’ll see.
Take a look below for 6 pets who didn’t expect you to be home so soon. If only you’d called first, then they would have had some time to straighten up.

I…uh, wanted a snack.


I was trying to google something.


You wanna watch a movie?


Did you know there’s snow inside of these?


Is this how beds work?


Lipstick? Haven’t seen it.


h/t wimp