6 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Things Easier

Perfect for those who want to save time while cooking, this line of gadgets by Simposh will change the way you prepare your foods.

The Simposh Easy Food Dicer is an effort-saving ratchet action pusher that lets you dice, slice and chop food with a push of a button.

To use it, simply insert an interchangeable stainless steel blade and plate (comes with 25 and 45 hole options) and place what you want to slice in between the plate and the button pusher.

Push the button to start slicing the food.

After pushing it repeatedly, the food will be sliced and ready to go.

To dice food, simply insert the knife guide to dice your food evenly.

With the line of Simposh products, it will totally change the way your prepare your meals!

Simposh Mandoline Slicer that slices food to different thicknesses!

Simposh Multi-Peeler that easily peels vegetables & Fruits and adjusts to different skin peel variations!

Simposh Revolving Food Processor that grates and slices cheese, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, chocolate & other foods.

Simposh Multi-Use Can Opener

Simposh Lime and Lemon Wedge Slicer

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Simposh Easy Food Dicer


Simposh Handheld Mandoline Slicer


Simposh Multi-Peeler


Simposh Revolving Food Processor


Simposh Can Opener


Simposh Lime and Lemon Slicer