6 Nifty Gadgets That “Stick” to Make Your Life Even Easier

If you’re like me, you have a hard time getting organized and it makes life a whole lot more difficult. While it’s easy for organized people to have things written down around the house to remember what to do, it’s not so easy for others.

So, look no further! Whether you’re an unorganized person like me or an organized person looking for an even better (or cooler) way to get things organized,

Here are 6 “sticky” gifts you’ll definitely want in your home:

1. The Gripet

The Gripet is a note holder that neatly holds your notes and easily releases them when you pull them out. It has magnets on the back so it’s perfect for your fridge, and if you want it on your wall, you can use the 3M double-sided tape.

Available Here.

2. The Jot

The Jot is a suction hook that can stick to any surface to hold just about anything wherever you want. Whether it’s a toothbrush in the bathroom, or a phone charger cable beside your bed, the Jot can do it all.

Available Here.

3. The Onpot

The Onpot is a pot lid rest that suctions onto your lid and lets you rest it off the edge. This allows the condensation to drip right back in the pot instead of getting it all over your countertop.

Available Here.

4. The Membo

The Membo is a daily reminder tool that sticks on your wall to remind you to do daily tasks. Whether it’s feeding the fish, taking your daily pills or doing household chores,
just do them – then flip over the tile for that day, that’s it!

Available Here.

5. The Temji

The Temji is a set of numbered temperature gauges that you stretch to fit onto your tap. Since it’s numbered on your tap handles, you can instantly dial the perfect shower temperatures you prefer and remember it for next time. Neat!

Available Here.

6. The Tapi

The Tapi is a clever add-on to your faucet that allows you to press on the water to redirect it upwards. It makes an incredibly convenient drinking fountain out of your sink and it’s perfect for the young kids/young at heart.

Available Here.


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