Tijn is a 6-year-old boy who suffers from brain cancer and has a tumor in his brain stem. His life expectancy is less than 1 year, but despite that, Tijn has one last wish to fulfill.
He wants to prevent children from dying of pneumonia. Although life looks down on Tijn, he has a positive outlook. He believes his life could be worse, “In third world countries, there are many kids that live less than 6 years.”
To help do this, he wants to raise money for other children. He went to the Glass House in Breda with his father where people start filling up to support him. He offered to paint nails for others for a donation of 1 euro.



But it doesn’t just end there. You can participate too! Tijn asks you to paint your own nails and make a donation here. After doing it, you can tag and challenge three of your friends to do it too.

Tijn has raised over 1 million euros in two days already.

It’s amazing to see a boy use his last days to help others.

Check it out for yourself below: