7 Year Old Girl Sends Letter Applying to Google, Then the CEO Sends Her a Personal Reply

When most people apply for jobs, they typically don’t get replies from the CEO of the company, but that’s exactly what happened with Chloe Bridgewater.

One day, Chloe went to her dad and asked him about good places to work. He told her Google would be good, explaining all the technology they create and work with. Plus, the go karts and bean bag chairs are great perks!

Chloe then wrote a letter to “google boss,” explaining why she wanted to work there, and also that she was interested in swimming in the Olympics and working at a chocolate factory.

She sent the letter off—then got a personal reply from the CEO himself, Sundar Pichai.

Naturally, Chloe’s over the moon at the response. According to her dad’s viral LinkedIn post, she’d lost her confidence after being hit by a car a few years ago.

Now Chloe’s ready to take the world by storm, updating her new fans on her personal Twitter account.


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