Many people will hop onto the internet and search out a video to indulge in a bit of cheeky cynicism. You want to see a cat miss a jump, a dog bump his head or maybe a dolphin splash some fisherman on a boat. Cheeky, harmless, and a cheap thrill or two. This is not one such video. Here is a video instead that’ll do much to bring a smile to your face. It is the sort of video that is akin to a hearty and healthy chicken sandwich for lunch as opposed to all those chicken nuggets the videos before are more like (though true we all love chicken nuggets). This analogy is appropriate because this video deals with an inspiring man who is looking to do a world of good helping out the homeless of Minneapolis. Allan Law, a retired school teacher from the great state of Minnesota regularly spends his nights out and about in his local community looking to ensuring those folks who find themselves without a home never find themselves without a friend.

“Ill be out on the streets every night for the rest of my life.” For 16 years Allan has been out on the street every night since he retired from teaching tending to the needs of the homeless; and this quote from him in the video affirms just by itself; why this man’s video is so warrants a watch.