When these four young Texas brothers found out that 75-year-old woman, Gerry Suttle, was going to face jail time for her grass being too tall, they knew something had to be done.
Police in Riesel, Texas, issued a warrant for Suttle’s arrest when they found out the grass on one of her properties was too high. Suttle unexpectedly received this warrant after failing to appear in court. She told the station that she never received notice to appear.
Being 75, Suttle was unable to mow her lawn, until the four Reynolds brothers decided to do an incredible act of kindness.
Under the scorching heat of the Texas sun, the brothers spent two hours mowing Suttle’s lawn. After the brothers began mowing, others in the community decided to also help out and join in.

The brothers haven’t even met Gerry before, they helped her out of the pure kindness in their hearts.

“It’s a summer day, we don’t have season passes yet to Hawaiian Falls. What else could we do but go out and help some people?” said Blaine, one of the four brothers.

It’s incredible to see young boys helping out the elderly as an act of kindness.

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