There is an old story, I’m sure you’ve been told,
Of a Grinch out near Whoville who’s heart was quite cold,
But there’s another such Grinch, you may not be aware,
Who lives up in Ithaca without a single heart to spare.
He’s been planning and plotting to take all the toys
Set aside for the chldren’s Christmastime joys.
But fear not, dear reader, for he will not prevail,
As officer Toland will send him to jail.
His friends call him Collin and he’s new to the force,
But he’ll catch that ol’ Grinch all in due course.
Recently, nine-year old Collin Toland got the opportunity of a lifetime when he was entrusted with the solemn duty of arresting the Grinch. Collin has a sizable brain tumor that, according to doctors, should render him unconscious.

He was sworn into the Ithaca Police Department back in September and now he’s made his first arrest. In front of a cheering crowd, Collin caught the Grinch red-handed, stealing children’s presents out from under the tree. He was then arraigned and brought before a judge. Ultimately, he was set free after apologizing to Officer Toland and returning the presents he took.

Watch the exciting capture below!