911 Dispatcher Answers Emergency Call From Her Own Child

911 dispatchers are trained to stay calm in the face of crisis. When people call 911, they are often fearful or frantic, which is why it’s important for dispatchers to be a calming presence and keep a level head when fielding a call.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

A Madison County 911 dispatcher by the name of Layla Wray answered a call recently, only to discover her daughter Cassidy was the caller. Cassidy told her mother that their house had caught fire and was burning to the ground. To her credit, Wray was able to keep a level head and handled the situation as a consummate professional.

She only had a brief emotional reaction when her children began to bicker while she was giving them instructions. Even still, she was able to keep her cool and, thanks to her training and quick thinking, everyone in her family survived the ordeal without injury – including her pets.

Here’s hoping that she and her family will be able to rebuild and move on with their lives as soon as possible.

Check out excerpts from the surprising call in the video below!


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