Teachers and students have a special bond. We all remember that one teacher we perhaps didn’t like – yet sometimes overlook the 99% of those we did; and never forget the one who made all the difference and made us happy to be there each day. It is clear in this video Mr. Dawson was one such teacher; and the tribute to him by his students is truly unforgettable.

For those who’ve never see it before, the Haka is a war dance native to New Zealand’s indigenous Maori tribe. One need only see the ceremonial version of it performed before a rugby match – essentially the country’s national sport – to know it can be a confronting and intimidating thing. Yet, here in this video; it is undoubtedly an emotional one. Just like the warriors of old that would cast down their sword and thump their heart; Mr Dawson was a man who joined with these young men on their journey through life. When viewed in this light; it is a video to watch to see young men not seeing to frighten; but pay tribute.