Abstract LEGO Sculptures Display Incredible Hidden Art When Turned

LEGO is not just good for building your own custom castles or tormenting your worst enemy—turns out it makes incredible artwork.

Though these may look like eclectic and abstract LEGO sculptures, they hide two different pieces of artwork you can only see thanks to the magic of angles and lighting.

Artist: John V. Muntean – WebsiteFacebook

Even though these sculptures already interesting enough to look at as a piece of contemporary art, three different representations are revealed when you turn the sculptures in just the right way.

These incredible sculptures are the brainchild of scientist and artist John V. Muntean. His 1990 thesis led him to these ‘magic angle sculptures.’

He’s been working on these sculptures for decades, but the Chicago-based artist only recently started making them out of LEGO blocks.

“As a scientist and artist, I am interested in the how perception influences our theory of the universe,” he writes in his artist’s statement. “Our scientific interpretation of nature often depends upon our point of view. Perspective matters.”

You can check out his latest piece for Wells Fargo here.

Watch the LEGO sculpture in action in the video down below!


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