From the great folks of Hope for Paws Los Angeles comes another quality video that so well showcases the great work these folks do in animal rescue. These Californian rescuers bring us the tale of two pooches names Pepsi and Cola, proving even when named after rival soda brands, strong bonds can endure. Plus, it gives us a story that is sure to melt nearly any heart.

Looking altogether fragile, weary, and scared, these two dogs start off being very scared of the Hope for Paws team that arrives to lend a helping hand. Cola instinctively and adorably moves to protect and cover Pepsi once he sees the rescuers approaching (and understandably afraid perhaps being somewhat unsure of the rescuers aims). Before too long however, friendships begin to be made with the help of one of the most universally beloved foods; a hamburger. So if you like hilariously named dogs and heartwarming stories, this is the video for you.