Lions: the overgrown house cat of the Savannah –
– or, at least that’s how one family viewed them.
Lambert the lion was adopted as a small cub after one family with too much money decided it would be a good idea to get their children a wild pet – an idea hey got after seeing The Lion King. After a few months, the children didn’t want him anymore and he was given away to the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center.

When he arrived, Lambert had to be trained out of a few habits – he had been fed human food and cooked meat instead of the raw meat lions are supposed to eat – and had to adapt to living in his cage. At first, he struggled to sleep at night. It was then that employees were made aware that Lambert used to cuddle with the family’s grandfather in bed. To help him adapt, In-Sync got him a blanket, and now Lambert can’t sleep without one.


He’s gone through many blankets over the last two years. Lions age surprisingly fast, so he’s needed a new one after every growth spurt.

He’s adapted well to his new home, but he can still be picked out from the other lions due to his conspicuous blanket.


He’ll even wrap himself up like a self-made lion burrito sometimes!


Rest well, Lambert. May you and your blanket have many more adorable adventures together.

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