Meet Keeva and Piper. Keeva is the French bulldog on the right and Piper is the pig that is…a pig. Keeva was adopted by Carey Webb, whose family runs a pig sanctuary in Maryville, Texas. Keeva was adopted specifically to be a playmate for Piper. Unfortunately, as the photo below shows, the two did not hit it off.

Enter Peanut. A few months later, Peanut was brought to the pig sanctuary. Unlike Piper, Peanut had no problem whatsoever making fast friends with Keeva. As far as the Webbs can tell, Keeva thinks Peanut is a puppy and Peanut thinks Keeva is a piglet. Carey has taken to letting Peanut come into the house to play with Keeva. These two are absolutely adorable!

Congratulations on your new friend, Peanut!