Adventure Mat: Outdoor Mat Unfolds to Let You Change Footwear On-The-Go

Have you ever found yourself in a situation at the campground, ski resort or beach trying to balance on top of your shoes while changing into your proper footwear? If that’s the case, Adventure outdoor mat is the solution for you.

The Adventure outdoor mat is a simple to use outdoor changing mat that folds up making it easy to tuck away and unfold to use. Its compact 7″ x 7″ napkin size unfolds in just seconds for anybody to use.

Outdoor Mat 1

Outdoor Mat 2

The innovative folding design of the Adventure outdoor mat allows the top clean side of the mat to never touch the bottom floor and get dirty. Whether it’s changing on it, sitting on it or organizing your gear on it, you can be sure you’ll have a clean surface at all times.

Outdoor Mat 3

It’s all-season ready to work great on dirt, sand, mud and snow. The rubber material is also solid and 100% waterproof. To clean it, you simply rinse the mat with water, adding detergent if necessary.

Outdoor Mat 4

Outdoor Mat 5

The Adventure outdoor mat comes in a water-resistant zipper bag for you to easily carry it around without worry. Weighing only 1.3lbs, the Adventure outdoor mat is available in both blue and orange.

Outdoor Mat 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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