When people think of Australia and go beyond the beautiful vistas of Sydney Harbour or Melbourne’s cosmopolitan city – regularly named the world’s most liveable city – they may be tempted to think the rest of the continent is straight outta Mad Max. Sharks, spiders, boomerangs – you know that thing you can throw to hit something that then COMES BACK at you? – often make people think the country must be just full of road warriors and crocodile hunters. Yet, here’s a story that proves otherwise; and in the most beautiful and sweet of ways.

A mom having just made a visit to her unwell son in hospital came out doubtless already emotionally exhausted and feeling a bit deflated with the world; only to then see her car had a parking ticket. At the best of times getting a ticket can be an upsetting thing; when you’re just leaving a hospital all the more so.

Where this story takes a beautiful turn is the kindness of a stranger who saw this ticket, deduced where the mum was; and left a note saying:

Hello, I saw your car had a parking ticket on it. I’m sure whatever you are going through at [the] hospital is tough enough so I have paid for you. […] Hope things get better!

True, this gives rise to questions – like how heartless could someone be to ticket a family in hospital? – but it most of all gives rise to a great little lesson. Beyond the kangaroos, grumpy Koala’s and cheeky rumours about many, many others things that could harm you; this is a great story that began in Australia; but shows a lesson of kindness and grace that is truly global.

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