Airbedz: Turn Any Truck Bed into a Full Sized Bed

Perfect to use your truck as a bed virtually anywhere, this inflatable bed fits right into the back of your truck for a comfortable nights sleep.

The AirBedz is a full-sized air mattress that was designed to fit around and over the wheel wells of your pick-up, creating a sleeping area that utilizes the entire truck bed.

The built-in rechargeable air pump ensures the mattress is easily inflated with a twist of a knob and can be deflated just as easy for a personalized firmness of the bed.

The bed itself is made from heavy-duty materials that ensure the mattress is durable and can last to meet the extreme outdoorsmen’s needs.

With 5 models available, there is sure to be the right sized mattress for you and even trucks with shorter beds can opt for a tailgate extension mattress for a better night’s sleep.

Better yet, side inserts for the Airbedz are available to turn your regular AirBedz into a standard air mattress.

For a more comfortable sleep virtually anywhere, considering trying the Airbedz out for a night!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


Where To Buy

Truck Airbedz
5 Sizes Available

$188.84 – $229.99+