Alcove: The Laptop Case That Turns into a Travelling Workstation

If you’re always working on your computer in public spaces, the Alcove laptop case is perfect for you! It’s designed to unfold into a portable work station, giving you privacy while you do your business.


With working remotely being more and more popular, it’s hard to find a good spot to be completely productive. The fold-out workstation gives you instant privacy, letting you focus on your task with minimal distractions!


It has a light at the top, letting you see what you’re doing no matter the time of day. The light bar is rechargeable, and it has a dimmable tap function to give you more control over the lighting. The panels keep the sound you need inside and the noise you don’t want outside!


The case is completely compact, letting you slip it into a backpack or messenger bag. You can even use the shoulder strap to carry the Alcove on its own! It’s great for use in open-concept offices or in busy coffee shops.


In just seconds, you have your own compact workstation anywhere!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Available in two colors