Altered:Nozzle Dual Flow: Reduce Your Water Use with Almost No Effort

Do you love using your tap but hate the potential water waste that can come from it? The Altered:Nozzle Dual Flow is perfect for you! It’s designed to reduce your water flow to just two per cent.


It’s a chrome handle with lead-free brass, ensuring it blends in with almost any kitchen or bathroom decor! There are adapters for common tap sizes included—you can perfectly attach the valve to your tap in just thirty seconds.


It has settings for both kitchen and bathroom taps for easy use. The nozzle converts the water stream into a mist, giving you enough water to do what you need to do, but eliminates potential water waste. This saves you money but retains the functionality.


It breaks down the water into millions of droplets, letting you do things like wash your hands or do your dishes with maximum efficiency. But if you need to use your water at full blast, simply flip the switch!


This nozzle helps you conserve water without compromising your daily needs—it’s a win-win for everyone!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Altered:Nozzle Dual Flow