We all have that cozy sweatshirt that despite its supreme comfort, is perhaps a bit too casual for leaving the house. With this tutorial, Instructables user Hellovillain shows us how to spiff up that comfy sweater, making it fit for the public eye. Using a few scraps of extra fabric, you can create a smiling cat (or any creature) sweater.

Step One: What You’ll Need
Be sure to collect the following supplies before starting:

– Sweatshirt (not too tight)
– Zipper (should be the length you want the mouth to be)
– Paper
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Fabric in 3 colors for the eyes, nose, and mouth (I used felt, but you can use any non-fraying, medium weight fabric)
– Matching thread
– Pins
– Needle
– Sewing Machine

Step Two: Draw the Design For The Face
Create a template or pattern using thin, lined paper, or tracing paper. Place your tentative design on the sweatshirt to be sure of its placement and proportion.

Step Three: Making the Eyes – Cutting
Pin your template pieces onto their appropriate fabrics and cut accordingly. Continue until you have cut all your eye pieces.

Step Four: Making the Eyes – Sewing and Embroidering
Pin the pieces to each other and sew together by either hand or machine. Add three short lines at the bottom of the eye to create a “shine”.

Step Five: Sew the Eyes to the Sweater
Lay the eyes onto the sweatshirt and pin them. Carefully try on the sweater to test the placement of the eyes. If the eyes are not placed properly in proportion to your body it can look very silly indeed. Once you’re happy with their placement, sew them down.

Step Six: Making the Mouth – Cutting Your Teeth
Before you start, be sure your zipper is the correct length so that it is proportionate with the eyes. Cut the teeth fabric the same length as the zipper, and any width you would like. More width means more teeth will show when the mouth is unzipped. The width used here is 6 inches. Cut 1/4 inch strips to outline the teeth. Pin down and sew together.

Step Seven: Making the Mouth – Cutting the Hole in Your Sweater
Determine the placement of the mouth using pencil markings. Cut horizontally along the line, then make two vertical cuts at the inside corners of the mouth. Turn your sweater inside out and pin back the edges of the horizontal cut. Sew it down to create a hem.

Step Eight: Making the Mouth – Creating the Zipper-Mouth
Lay the zipper along the top edge of the teeth. Pin and sew. Repeat for the bottom.

Step Nine: Making the Mouth – Sew Zipper-Mouth to the Sweater
Place the mouth inside the cut-out section. Pin ONLY THE ZIPPER to the sweater, using the hem as a guideline. Be sure not to pin any of the “teeth” fabric. Repeat for the bottom.

Step Ten: Final Touch – The Nose
This is the easiest part! Cut out a nose in your desired shape, making sure it is proportionate to your design.
Pin and sew!

Step Eleven: Wear It!

Make sure to visit Hellovillain’s Instructables page for more of her awesome DIY projects!