“Hope for the best, plan for the worst” is an expression that is being increasingly taken to heart these days. On the subject of the heart, matters of health are now being combined with the wonders of technology to help save lives. For example, did you know that a little-known feature on your iPhone could potentially help save your life and alert loved ones?

Using the Health App on your iPhone, this neat little trick establishes basic emergency information and contact numbers in case you or a family member are unresponsive. It can be used by paramedics to determine your blood type, any allergies, and who to call in case of an emergency. It does all of this without having to unlock your phone. Here’s how to set it up…

via Apple

Step One – Open up the Health App on your iPhone

Step Two – Tap the ‘Medical ID’ button at the bottom, then click ‘Edit’ in the top right corner. Here you add any relevant medical information

Step Three – Make sure you have the ‘show when locked’ setting enabled before you hit ‘Done’

Step Four – Try it out to make sure it works. When your phone is locked, tap ‘Emergency’ to bring up the emergency dialing screen. Then tap the ‘Medical ID’ button. If you did everything correctly, your medical information should show up!