Artistic Talent and Prosthetic Technology Meet to Recreate Man’s Lost Eye

From the tragedy of losing a part of their body to reclaiming it with the advanced prosthetic technologies of today, people are able to rebuild their bodies no matter the part. Ocular prosthetics have been around since the antiquity and with the advancements that have come along with it, technologists are able to create near 1 to 1 models of the owner’s eye. Watch as this perfect cross between science and art unfolds before you!

The prosthetic is built of two components, the sphere (lodged in the socket surgically) followed by the shell that holds the image of the iris. The ocularist will sit down with the customer and replicate their eye, from the colour all the way to the pattern of the blood vessels. Once the product is ready, the previously 1-eyed patron can now reclaim a part of themselves they lost and start pranking innocent bystanders with this easy to remove eye ball!

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