Automatic Dishwashing Machine: Never Wash Dishes with a Sponge Again

If you hate washing dishes, the automatic dishwashing machine is perfect for you! It’s designed to thoroughly wash your dishes with next to no effort.


The bristles help remove excess food and grime from your dishes—no more scrubbing at stubborn stains! You can also close the dishwashing machine and slide your utensils through the bristles. You’ll have clean cutlery in no time.


Simply place your plate or bowl in the center and the sides will fold in. Run it under your tap water and watch your plates spin as they get clean! The arms automatically adjust to the size of your dishes.


At full power, it can work for up to 40 minutes at a time. It runs on battery power, or you can plug it in.

With the push of a button, you can have the convenience of a dishwasher at the fraction of the price of a dishwasher!

If you wish you had a dishwasher, you need this gadget!


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Automatic Dishwashing Machine

Starting at $31.40 / piece