Avalanche Snow Removal Tool: Rake the Snow Off Your Roof Quickly and Easily

The Avalanche Snow Removal Tool is perfect for people who can never get the snow off their roofs! It’s designed to quickly and easily remove snow in a fraction of the time.

The secret is simply gravity: the tool “rakes” the snow off your roof and slides it off on the attached tarp.

It keeps large amounts of snow off your roof, saving your home from ice dams and severe damage.

The tool is made with an ergonomic design, which puts as little stress on the body as possible.

Save your money for years to come—get an Avalanche snow rake instead!

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Avalanche 500
Original Roof Snow Removal System AVA500 with 17-Inch Wide Cutting Head and 16-Foot Quick Connect Handle


Avalanche 1000 Combo Roof Snow Removal System and SnowRake
Avalanche 500 and SnowRake Deluxe


Avalanche 750