It’s hard to pinpoint just exactly what ‘cool’ is, considering that nearly everyone will have their own valid opinion. Sure, we might recognize it when we see it, but no one can ever truly say it without certainty. Until now. First there was Keyboard Cat, and now we have Drum Dog. Just a few more animals playing instruments, and we have the world’s most adorable music band.

How can anyone look at this and say with a straight face that it is neither cute nor cool? It’s a happy-looking pug dog wearing pink shades as it dominates a pug-sized pink drum set to Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Okay, so maybe the technique is a little spotty, the tongue-licking bordering on arrogant, and a solid solo or two goes unheard, but it’s just about impossible to not love a little doggy smashing away at the cymbals.