Bambooee: Clean Up, Rinse and Repeat with Bamboo

Perfect for the everyday spill or mess, these paper towels will last you more than one wipe, saving the amount you spend on paper towels.

The Bambooee is a paper towel roll made from bamboo, which lets it act as absorbent as any regular paper towel but also allows it to be washed and re-used many times.

It is stronger, more absorbent and more durable than regular paper towels and is machine washable for up to 100 times each sheet!

It fits into paper towel holders just like any ordinary paper towel roll but it is a step in the right direction of saving our planet from the waste we create.

Made from an organic bamboo source, they are great for cleaning up spills on carpeting, wiping down your counters, cleaning furniture and even shining off your vehicle!

One single roll of Bambooee can replace up to 429 rolls of paper towel which will usually cost a family upwards of $500.

Save money and the environment by switching to the new and innovative solution to paper towels!

Available Here.

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Bambooee Bamboo Paper Towels
Single or 3 Roll Pack Available