BarkShop Hidden Toys: Surprise Your Pooch with a Toy Inside Their Toy

The BarkShop hidden toys are perfect for the doggie in your life! They look cute on the outside, but inside, they hold a special surprise for your pup.

The Monsieur Acorn toy looks cute on the outside, but it reveals a sad little nut when you tear it apart!

Odd Ollie the Octopus starts out fluffy, but has a pink squeaky toy on the inside!

Consuela the Cactus looks happy on the outside, but she’s sad when you tear her apart!

Chester’s Nuts is three toys in one: the shell and two nuts inside!

Available Here.

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Chester’s Nuts Dog Toy


Monsieur Acorn Dog Toy
Available in two sizes


Consuela The Cactus Dog Toy


Odd Ollie the Octopus Dog Toy