BAUBAX 2.0 Jacket: The World’s Most Versatile Travel Jacket

Perfect for the avid traveler, this jacket has pockets to carry everything you need to feel comfortable during the trip.

Travel Jacket

The Baubax 2.0 travel jacket is a utility travel jacket that is created with 25 features built in.

Travel Jacket2

Available in 4 styles for men and women, you can wear the line of clothes in any weather, sporting either the vest, windbreaker, bomber or sweatshirt.

Travel Jacket3

To help you feel relaxed and to help you sleep during the long haul flights, the jacket includes a built-in inflatable neck pillow that can be tucked inside the hood of the jackets.

Travel Jacket4

Its proprietary innovative valve technology allows it to be inflated in 2 seconds, letting you sleep as soon as possible.

Along with the pillow, there is an eye mask built inside the hood letting you get some shut-eye from the bright world around you.

Travel Jacket5

For warmth and comfort, the jacket has built-in gloves that easily slide in and out of the sleeved to keep you warm and cozy when you are on the go and a travel footrest that comes with the jacket in a dedicated pocket.

Travel Jacket6

Travel Jacket7

Next to the footrest pocket lies the compartment that carries the super lightweight travel blanket that is warm enough to keep you cozy but can also fold up into the pocket of the jacket.

Travel Jacket8

Feeling thirsty on the flight? Worry no more! The Baubax also comes with a foldable travel water bottle that can be stored in another pocket to keep you well hydrated throughout your journey.

Travel Jacket9

Along with 6 other pockets that you can decide whether to put your tablet, sunglasses, passport, drink, power bank, or phone in, the jacket can be purchased in 5 colors depending on the model of Baubax jacket you purchase.

Travel Jacket10

Travel Jacket11

Travel Jacket12

For comfortability while you travel or you simply want a versatile jacket for your everyday commute, consider buying a Baubax jacket and never look back!

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Where To Buy

Baubax Travel Jacket
4 Models Available

$175 – $225