Beach Goer Goes for Quick Toilet Break, Notices Helpless Dried Up Seal in Bushes

When Adam decided to go take a quick pee break after a long day at the beach he never expected to come face to face with a seal! Caught off guard, he went back to get his buddy Sam to come check out the situation with him. Once they got passed the hurdle of rocks and pointy branches, they finally spotted it again hiding out in the underbrush of some trees.

Sam quickly noticed that he looked quite dry, something that most sea creatures don’t like too much. Adam started making his way towards the lost pup but it got frightened and started running away! Scared that it would get stuck far from the sea he made a lunge for it and managed to grasp it at the last moment. A quick wrestling match ensued to get the seal under control and keep Adam out of harms way!

Making their way back down the uneven terrain, the trio began a sprint towards the water, with onlookers in utter disbelief at what they were seeing! Once they reached the start of the water, they placed the beast down and beach goers that day witnessed pure joy as this little seal returned to his very wet and cool home.

Kind souls are everywhere, and whether you’re an animal, human, or what ever else, rest assured that there’s somebody out there that will help you out in your time of need!


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