Bear Bowl: Portable Cook Pot Folds and Snaps to Fit into Your Pocket

The Bear Bowl is the world’s first cook pot that can fold to fit into your pocket. While the pot is lightweight and small, it actually holds a whopping 32oz of water. It works with most of your favorite camp stoves making it the perfect companion on a camping trip with the family. The Bear Bowl can fold flat in just seconds with 4 folds and 2 snaps.

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The Bear Bowl weighs a total of 6.3 ounces (which is about the same as a cell phone). As mentioned before, it holds 32oz of water and boils in just about 5-8 minutes. The Bear Bowl is compatible with all controlled flame camping stoves including iso-propane, alcohol, and solid fuel cubes.

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The best part about the Bear Bowl is that it’s so easy to clean. Simply unfold it flat, and wipe it down. It’s easy set up and cleaning makes it a great addition to your camping gear.

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The Bear Bowl is available in three different sizes: Original (32 oz), Mama (64 oz) and Papa (128 oz). It’s also available in three different colors: Blue, Orange and Green.

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Available Here.

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Where To Buy

Bear Bowl
Various colors and sizes (32 oz, 64 oz, 128 oz)

$21 – $40
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