Beehive Picture Hangers: Revolutionary Hanger with Multiple Holes for Adjusting

The Beehive Picture Hangers are revolutionary picture hangers that let you hang picture frames and canvas art without having to take a single measurement. The fully-adjustable hanger allows you to adjust the position within seconds.

First, attach the Beehive Picture Hangers to your frame by screwing it. All the tools needed are included with the hangers.

Second, position your frame and gently press on the top two corners to pinpoint where you need to insert the hanger hardware. Then, insert the hanger hardware.

Finally, place your frame on your wall and it’s ready to go! The Beehive Picture Hangers have multiple openings allowing you to adjust if necessary.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

Where To Buy

Beehive Picture Hangers
68 Openings, 12-Pack


Beehive Picture Hangers MAX
143 Openings, 24-Pack