Updated: March 2018

The 5 Best Dog Leashes You Can Buy for Your Furry Friend

Our dogs are our best friends—there’s no question about it. But to keep your dog healthy and happy they need as much exercise as they can get, and a high-quality leash is important for a good, long walk.

Here are the five best dog leashes for any dog’s needs!

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Our pick

Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash

Max and Neo Dog Leash

The ultimate dog leash that gives back

Bottom Line:
The Max and Neo leash is a great high-quality basic leash for your pet! It’s good for dogs of any size, and for every leash purchased, an identical one is donated to a dog rescue.

Durable, Padded handle for wrist comfort, Lifetime warranty even if your dog chews it up, Affordable

Only available in basic colors

This leash is made from high-quality materials at an affordable price. It’s one inch thick and made from 2mm soft nylon webbing—perfect for even the largest dog breeds! The padded handle is extra-comfortable in the wrist, and the D-ring near the handle is great for holding poop bags.

The leash even has reflective stitching for safety when walking at night! And don’t worry if your dog chews it up—the leashes have a lifetime warranty. This pick is one of the best dog leashes for your money!

Available here.

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Best for two dogs

Wigzi Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash

Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash

The leash that lets you maintain control over two dogs at once

Bottom Line:
The Wigzi Dual Doggie Leash is perfect for walking two dogs at once! The color-coded leash has buttons that let you independently control each dog on your walk.

Leashes go up to 10 ft., Walk your dogs without tangling, 360 degree spin technology, Stops dogs individually

Only supports dogs up to 50 lbs.

This dog leash is great for people who have two dogs! It has a lightweight and slim design that turns walking your dogs into a treat. It’ll untangle your dogs automatically, leaving your other hand free to pick up poop, open doors, or pet your dogs.

Dogs can walk up to ten feet in either direction, ensuring they don’t feel stifled during the walk. It also has reflective leads to make walking at night safe.

Available here.

Watch the demo down below!

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Best for active families

EzyDog HANDY 48 Dog Leash

EzyDog HANDY Leash

The leash that keeps up with any exercise

Bottom Line:
The EzyDog leash is perfect for the person who’s always active! It’s fully adjustable from 36″ to 48″ and has shock-absorbing technology for comfort and control.

Expandable, Glove-style grip design, Hands-free, Reflective trim

More expensive than other leashes

This leash is the best companion for exercising with your canine best friend! It’s fully adjustable, and the shock-absorbing technology gives you complete control while you run. The neoprene glove-style handle keeps you comfortable while holding the leash, and it reduces the strain on your hand.

It’s fully compatible with other EzyDog collars and harnesses. Plus, the reflective trim makes sure cars can see you at night! It’s one of the best dog leashes for athletic people and animals!

Available here.

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Best leash for socializing


The leash for spending time with humans and dogs alike

Bottom Line:
The AnchorLeash is the perfect leash for the social dog and human! It easily attaches around stationary objects,
giving you a hassle-free way to hang out.

Clips anywhere, Secures in a single snap, Prevents tugging, Safe for your pet

Only comes in one color

The AnchorLeash is designed for walking, riding, and socializing! It’s made of 50% bungee material to wrap around anything, and the other 50% adjusts to bring your furry friend closer or further away from you. It has a six foot long length, but it’s fully adjustable.

The flexible design prevents pulling on collars or harnesses, and it can fit to anything with added comfort. Plus, it’s secure and completely safe!

Available here.

Watch the demo down below!

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Best leash for training

Leather Training Leash

Logical Training Leash

The leash to help train your dog

Bottom Line:
This leather training leash is made from genuine full-grain leather and can stand up to 245 lb. of pulling force. Plus, it has a lifetime guarantee!

Made of genuine leather, Nickel plated solid brass clip, Lifetime guarantee, Professional grade

More expensive than other options

This training leash is made from durable full-grain leather, designed to last through all kinds of weather conditions and heavy use. It’s police and military grade, able to hold up to the strongest working dogs! The 6 ft. length is also the length recommended by most top trainers for leashes.

The leather is soft and supple while still being durable, keeping your hands from being cut. It’s one of the best dog leashes for big and small dogs alike!

Available here.