Better Back: The Easy Way to Support Your Lower Back

The BetterBack is perfect for the person with bad posture! It’s designed to support your lower back no matter where you are.

It allows you to sit ergonomically in any chair, fitting men and women with up to 55″ waists.

You can get perfect seated posture in just five seconds, and if you use it for 15 minutes per day, you can improve your posture!

It comes with a carrying case, and it’s small enough to fit in a bag or purse!

Because it’s 100% tech-free, it’s incredibly reliable.

Available here.

Watch the demo down below!

Where To Buy

Available in four models


BetterBack Plus
Fits up to 55″ waist


BetterBack Therapy
Comes with hot/cold pack


BetterBack Therapy Plus
Fits up to 55″ waist, comes with hot/cold pack