BevStow: Make Room in Your Fridge One Bottle at a Time

Perfect for the avid wine drinker who hates having room temperature wine, this storage rack will help save space in your fridge.


The BevStow refrigerator wine bottle storage rack is a device that is designed to hold wine bottles at the bottom of your fridge shelves to increase the shelf space.

Wine bottles are usually taller than anything in the fridge and may require you to lose out on shelf space or risk the bottles rolling.


With the BevStow storage rack, you can have peace of mind and not ever have to play “refrigerator Jenga” with rolling glass bottles again.


To secure the holder in place, simply mount the suction cups on the bottom of a shelf, slide the bottle ring onto the mounted rail until it clicks, and insert your favorite bottle of wine into the ring.


Fitting most sized bottles, you can mount multiple racks on the same shelf and you can finally solve the problem of multiple bottles tipping, spilling or rolling out of your fridge.


The suction cups are designed to hold up to 10lbs each and are rated to hold on glass shelves in extreme temperatures ranging from (-20F -29C) to 120F (49C).


Save space in your fridge with the BevStow wine bottle holder and use it for slightly less important things like food.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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BevStow Refrigerator Wine Bottle Storage Rack